Amanda Loncar

Amanda Loncar

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Born February 26, 1982. She is a Northern California native, born in Humboldt County (Arcata, California.) Attended High School in Sacramento, California. Her father is a surgeon and her mother is a nurse. She has a younger brother named Zack and a younger sister named Lily. Moved to New York City at the age of 18 to study with Mike Nichols, George Morrison and Paul Sills at the The New Actors Workshop.


Born February 26, 1982 in Arcata, California (in Humboldt County).Her father is a surgeon and her mother is a nurse. She has a younger brother named Zachary “Zack” (age 19 in 2008), attending Duke University, and a younger sister named Lily (age 13 in 2008), attending Junior High School.She attended High School in Sacramento, California.She moved from California to New York City at the age of eighteen. She currently resides in downtown Manhattan.She studied for two years at The New Actor’s Workshop in New York with George Morrison, Mike Nichols and Paul Sills.Attended the New Actors Workshop in New York in the same class with Michael Cassidy.She is an avid reader and has admitted that as a self-proclaimed New Yorker, books on tape (which she can listen to while stuck in traffic) have played an active role in salvaging her relationship with LA.Close Friend of Milo Ventimiglia.

Personal Quotes

I guess it’s about how you define yourself and I don’t feel defined by my career, although it’s a very important aspect of who I am at the end of the day.
As a New Yorker, I think books on tape have salvaged my relationship with LA…or at least with LA traffic.

Where Are They Now

(March 2008) Surviving stage three brain cancer with multiple brain surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
(November 2009) Is in complete remission from stage three brain cancer after nearly two years of chemotherapy, radiation and Dr. Keith Black’s successful surgical resection and treatment.